Alternative Fuels Web Links



Renewable Energy Partners of New Mexico
A New Mexico 501 c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging the use of renewable energy and providing alternative fuels infrastructure for the Southwest.

New Mexico Biodiesel Alliance
A great online forum for discussing all things biodiesel related in New Mexico.

New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department.
State of New Mexico Energy Department which actively supports the development of renewable energy in New Mexico, encourages alternative fuels legislation and assists in providing funding for alternative fuels infrastructure.

Albuquerque Alternative Energies
A company that specializes in providing V100 (vege oil) biodiesel and E85 AND will do conversions for vege oil and E85.


National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition
Major clearing house and info center for E85. Very active in promoting federal ethanol legislation. Great directory of E85 vehicles and refueling stations.

Alternative Fuels Data Center
One-stop shopping for alternative fuel and
vehicle information needs

American Coalition for Ethanol
Grassroots voice of the ethanol industry

Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development
Department of Energy renewable energy network. Good contemporary information on sustainable development.

National Clean Cities Inc.
National nonprofit organization which encourages the sustainable use of clean transportation fuels and technologies

Renewable Fuels Association
National trade association for the US ethanol industry

National Biodiesel Board
News reports on biodiesel and other renewable fuels

Sequential Biofuels
Biodiesel fuel provider for Oregon. Great source of biodiesel user information.

Journey to Forever
Excellent biofuels educational and interactive site. Lots of do-it-yourself-advice here.

Veggie Van
Complete guide to using vegetable oil as and alternative fuel.

American Bioenergy Association
Database and information center on biomass conversion to electricity and alternative fuels

Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter
Voice of the international hydrogen and fuel cell community.

American Hydrogen Association
Source for info on hydrogen conversion of vehicles, schedule of hands-on workshops, and truly visionary thinking.

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