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Renewable Energy Partners of New Mexico (REP) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, founded in 1998 by Richard Mason, Charles Bensinger and Clare Zurawski.
The mission of REP is:

To promote the use of utility-scale renewable energy for electrical generation and to further the use of renewable transportation fuels.

In 2003 REP opened Santa Fe's first public Ethanol E85 refueling station. In October of 2004, REP opened a multiple alternative fuel refueling station near downtown Santa Fe. This station is the first in the nation to feature three alternative fuels -- Biodiesel B20, Ethanol E10 and Ethanol E85. Charles Bensinger is Biofuels Program Manager and oversees the daily operation of the pump.

REP is an active member of the New Mexico Sustainable Energy Collaborative, and has testified at the NM Public Regulation Commission and in the State Legislature on issues regarding renewable energy and alternative transportation fuels.

Solving the problem of pollution and the dangerous and costly national dependency on petroleum is a major emphasis of our mission and our efforts. Since 2001 we have focused on bringing practical, affordable, and environmentally sensible biofuels to the public and government agencies in Central and Northern New Mexico.

To help in this ambitious undertaking several Santa Fe citizens as well as the McCune Foundation and other local foundations have contributed predevelopment funds. Also, with the assistance of the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and National Resources Department we have secured funding from the US Department of Energy and the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition to develop and install biodiesel and ethanol E85 infrastructure in Central and Northern New Mexico.

Fueling infrastructure is an expensive undertaking, so REP is working closely with existing petroleum retailers to craft mutually beneficial partnerships. Our first E85 ethanol facility is located at the GIANT Horseman's Haven, Phillips 66, 4354 Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe. The second alternative fuel facility is located at the GIANT Conoco Station at 1229 Cerrillos Road, at the junction with Baca Street..

Because school bus drivers and school-age children riding diesel school buses are daily subjected to dangerous particulates and toxic chemicals, REP would like to undertake a school bus biodiesel pilot program. The REP pilot program entails providing a 1,000 gallon aboveground biodiesel tank at the bus refueling yard. REP raises funds to purchase and install the tank and the fuel dispenser, and if funding permits, can provide a partial buy-down of the additional cost of the fuel. Since biodiesel is a clearly preferable fuel from a public health standpoint, and reduces the cost of bus maintenance as well, it is our belief that once fleet operators and bus riders experience the superior and preferable nature of the fuel relative to petroleum diesel, they will elect to make it their fuel of choice.

REP would like to expand its programs to additional cities, communities and fleets throughout New Mexico and the Southwest. To do so, we will need additional financial aid. REP is a federally certified 501 (c)(3) public foundation. Any gifts and donations will be gratefully received and will be used to provide the public with clean, renewable alternatives to petroleum transportation fuels while creating local and regional employment opportunities and safeguarding public health.


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